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Short Bark and Sides Dog Groomers Leeds

Dog Grooming for all breeds, we're just mad about dogs!

Dog Grooming

We work with all breeds of dog and provide clipping, stripping, full or part dog grooming.

Dog Grooming

Puppy Hygiene

Looking after a new puppy's hygiene is hard but it's really important for their comfort and health.

Puppy Hygeine

Peddymark Tagging

We're fully qualified to implant Peddymark microchips for all breeds of dog.


Lost Dog Peddy Mark

Meet the owner


I was born into a farming family and have always had a great love of animals. As a child I spent most of my school holidays out on the farm, tending to livestock, riding horses and playing with my border terriers. I have owned dogs all my life and my father is a breeder and trainer of working labrador retrievers, working with animals is in my blood and this is how I came to start my dog grooming business in Leeds.

Short Bark and Sides dog grooming sprang in to existence in 2010 from a love of everything canine and I’ve been grooming pedigree dogs in the North Leeds area ever since. Over the years I have built up a loyal client base ’well they are dogs’ and their owners are always happy with the end results too.

I'm a fully qualified dog groomer, under Zoe Duffy and Joanne Angus at their UK award winning grooming and training centre. I cater for all breeds of dog, from Pugs to Labradoodles and as a life long border terrier owner I am an expert in grooming and hand stripping wire haired dogs.


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My Mission


The idea of starting Short Bark and Sides was to enable me to do what I love; work with animals; have the freedom to spend time with my family; enjoy the outdoor life I love. – 'Not necessarily in that order of course'. In that respect the business has given me everything that I was looking for and more. What I didn't really expect is that I would enjoy dog grooming as much as I do. It turns out I am a perfectionist and I get real satisfaction from a great cut.

My mission is to provide clients with a clean professional and friendly environment, where their dogs are cared for on an individual basis and given our complete attention. I charge fair prices and there is always a free cup of tea and a biscuit on hand if you want one. To give complete focus to my clients I only take a few appointments per day, please be aware, appointments are by advance booking only.



Of course we all like our dogs to look tip top but Dog Grooming is not just for aesthetics, it has real health benefits. A 6-8 weekly visit to a dog groomer will be enough to keep their coat in good order. It is also a great opportunity to have an inspection of the dogs general health.

Working from my new studio in Meanwood (Close to Waitrose), I am a fully qualified dog groomer with a passion for animals. I have been dog grooming in North Leeds since 2010 and have gained a loyal customer base in Alwoodley, Moortown, Oakwood, Roundhay and Cross Gates.

I provide the the normal dog grooming services you would expect, from bathing to hair and nails. Each of these services can be taken individually if that is what you require, or if you want a bath or just a groom we are happy to accommodate this.

Hand stripping is a technique used to remove the dead outer coat of wired or rough coated dogs, the process is done by hand, using a stripping stone as opposed to clippers. It refreshes the dogs coat allowing the new hair to grow through.

Hand stripping maintains a proper wire coat, once pulled it will leave your dog with a soft undercoat and a smart appearance. It will take 8 - 10 weeks before the new wire coat comes through and is long enough to cover the undercoat.

Handstripping doesn't hurt, they may not always like it but it's not painful, Wire hair is not attached like our own hair. Clipping the coat is an alternative but this will change the texture of the coat.

Puppy Hygiene

Well it is safe to say that an appointment that include puppy grooming is the single most pleasurable part of my day. Who wouldn't love to get to see young pups on a regular basis. They are so cute and cuddly but they can get very smelly, dirty and in some cases their coats get very knotty. And it's my job to get them all shiny new again.

It is really important to keep on top of a puppies hygiene and extra special care needs to be taken up to about 8 weeks, especially long haired puppies, whose hair can become very matted. A regular 8 week visit to your groomer will not only keep your puppy's coat shiny and healthy and nails trimmed but will also allow your puppy to become familiar with a life long routine.

I actually can't wait to meet your new addition to the family EEEEK!

As a responsible pet owner you will want to make sure that you have the peace of mind knowing that if the inevitable should happen you have the chance of finding your pet. All micro-chips are registered on Petlog, the kennel clubs database for added peace of mind.

The procedure is very simple and is no more painful than any other subcutaneous injection between the shoulder blades. A pet will not be aware of the microchips presence under the skin once it has been implanted.

Micro chipping of dogs will become law as of 2016 however you may also want your pet microchipped if you are travelling abroad and want to take then with you , Microchipping is only one stage of the pet passport All micro chips are manufactured in europe to ISO standards.

All Peddy mark micro chips have a unique number which is stored on a national database owned by the kennel club called petlog. A quick scan of the chip by a dog warden or vets allows the owners record to be looked up reuniting the animal with its owner quickly with the minimum amount of stress for all involved. for your peace of mind peddy mark complies with the BSAVA (british small animal veterinary association)code of conduc for miro chipped distributors




  • SMALL DOGS from
  • £40.00
  • Terrier
  • MEDIUM DOGS from
  • £50.00
  • Cockerpoo
  • LARGE DOGS from
  • £60.00
  • Labradoodle
  • VERY LARGE from
  • £80.00
  • Old English

Prices listed are a guide, the condition of coat will determine the final price.

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